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2021miles in 2021

​The Big Challenge is a challenge for all.

You can complete it as a team (family) or as an individual. You have the whole of 2021 to complete the challenge and to see how many miles you can cover in 2021.

Don't worry if you book on into the year, you can log all your previous efforts before registration and they all count towards your final total.

You can complete the challenge using any of the following activities.


You can count walking towards the total, whether it's a country walk or walking the dog all the miles count.


Whether it's a quick couple of miles or a longer training run they all count to the overall total.


Road miles or trail miles all count towards your total nd cycling is a great way to boost your miles.


A great way to keep fit and to add onto your total. Both indoor and outdoor miles swam count.

There are lots of ways to add to you or your teams total miles and get fitter and healthier at the same time. 

​Each participant gets a bespoke t-shirt with you or your teams total distance travelled and modes used to reach the final figure, therefore each will be unique to the team.

Hope to see you soon on the challenge.


A Challenge for All

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